Established in the year 1995, " Bansal Paper Tube Industries " has cater to the growing packaging needs of Paper Tubes, Composite Can , Submersible Paper Pipe , Core Pipe , Granding Core , Tape Core , DTY , POY Tubes , And All Packaging Material . Owing to our capable infrastructure and expertise of professionals, we are able to provide a range that is known for features like durability, accurate dimensions and superior performance.

We have specious warehouses at our disposal for storage of finished products and a quality control unit that helps us to maintain the industry standards. We also customize our range in accordance with the detailed specifications provided by clients.


Paper tube production starts with manufacturers cutting large sheets of paper or cardboard into thin ribbons. From there, they give the ribbons an adhesive coating and wind them straight or at an angle around a mandrel configured into the designated shape. The majority of cardboard tubes are spiral-wound. Manufacturers can add multiple layers during this step, depending on the tube’s desired level of fortitude. All paper tubes are measured and labeled according to their interior dimensions.

To make waterproof and water-resistant cardboard for certain heavy-duty applications, manufacturers add additional adhesives and interior waterproof sealing layers during the fabricating process. After they make the mixture of resin, wood pulp and adhesive, they will cure it and send it through additional curing within an oven.

During the heat treatment process, the pulp melds with the adhesives in order to strengthen the final product, which is more durable and resilient to humidity and other forms of weather. These attributes are important in transportation and storage, in which products are at an additional risk of damage from moisture.